Hi.  I’m David Price, aka Coffee Dave.

Throughout Colorado and Wyoming I am known as the go-to-guy for everything espresso & coffee - equipment sales, service, café consultations and barista training,  I make a pretty good shot of espresso, too.

Twelve years ago, I got my start in the specialty coffee industry as a Barista at Caboose Lady Coffee in Coquille, Oregon.  With a taste for coffee culture and a flair for the technical aspect of specialized equipment, I began an apprenticeship in Portland, studying with Espresso Technologies Inc.  Since then, my experience within the coffee industry has grown, and so has my ability to educate clients and help them become more successful.

From the water that goes into an espresso machine to the chemistry of the final shot, nothing makes me happier than helping people appreciate and understand espresso from the inside, out.  Whether you’re a professional or a simply an enthusiast, you deserve espresso and coffee that makes you happy.  Coffee Dave is here to help.